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Successful Businesses Need Intelligent Solutions

In a world of constant technological change, it’s vital that businesses have the ability to adapt. A successful business needs intelligent solutions to power efficiency, supercharge productivity and drive profitable.

Elite Group IOM’s evolutionary approach to product development ensures your business has the ability to evolve and upgrade your IT and communications processes- so your solution always drives your business, and never holds you back. Whilst some traditional communications companies advocate outdated silos and deliver mobile, connectivity, IT and networking in isolation, Elite Group IOM looks to deliver an integrated proposition, reviewing your overall business needs and delivering a unified business solution for today and the future.

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Elite Group Isle of Man history and story

Our History

Since our inception in 2000, Elite Group has continually evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers and their businesses.  Whilst our product set has evolved over time, our unwavering dedication to quality, value for money and excellent customer service has remained a constant for over 20 years.

Elite Group IOM is a leading provider of world-class, futureproof communications and IT services. Working in partnership with us, our customers benefit from thought-leadership as well as information about changes in technology, legislation and working practices.  This unique approach to customer service empowers our customers make considered decisions regarding their business productivity, communication, security, and profitability- everything your Isle of Man business needs to flourish.

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Elite Group expert support for acquisitions


The business world is more fast-paced and dynamic than ever. For businesses looking to grow, being able to anticipate and react to these changes is crucial.

A cornerstone of Elite Group’s business philosophy is the importance of acquisition in achieving this reactivity – and, in turn, growth. In IT and unified communications, as in every other market, acquisitions are essential to ensuring our organisation can adapt to change and conquer with market.

Acquisitions enabled Elite Group to reposition itself in the wake of the emerging Cloud and UC markets. Realising that the demand for fixed-line telephones was on the wane and that new models of service provision were taking hold, Elite Group completed its first buyout, of fellow Lancastrian firm GP Telecoms.

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Locals for Locals

At Elite Group IOM, we firmly believe in our ‘locals for locals’ approach. As the island’s only fully-licensed, Manx owned IT and communications provider, we pride ourselves on supplying local businesses with first-class IT, voice, and cloud solutions and empowering businesses just like yours to get the most from their technology.

With our comprehensive range of products and managed services, all supported by our team of experts, Elite Group IOM is your one-stop-shop for all your IT and communication needs. If you’re a local business looking to power your communication, collaboration, productivity and profitability, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out what we can do for you.