‘Next Generation' Hosted Virtual Desktop

The Elite IOM Hosted Virtual Desktop enables your workforce to securely access their applications and data from anywhere, anytime.

Greater Flexibility, Agility and Collaboration for Improved Productivity and Profitability.

Our research shows that Isle of Man businesses who deploy the Elite Virtual Hosted Desktop can increase staff productivity between 10% and 25%.

With our Virtual Hosted Desktop, your office really can operate from anywhere, on any device, at anytime! Developed with security, performance and reliability in mind, our Virtual Hosted Desktop is the perfect remote working solution for your Isle of Man business.

enhanced flexibility with hosted desktop

Agile & Seamless

Operating in a secure cloud-based environment, the Elite Virtual Hosted Desktop enables staff to access their desktop from anywhere, as if they were working from the office. It looks and feels like a regular desktop or laptop, so you and your employees have the ability to work as normal no matter your location, making our Virtual Hosted Desktop a perfect remote working solution.

The Elite Virtual Hosted Desktop includes Microsoft 365 and email as standard and has the ability to host all your business applications (such as Sage Accounts, Payroll, CRM, ERP systems, HR systems etc.)

a reliable hosting service elite group isle of man

Secure and Reliable

At Elite Group IOM, security is our top priority. The Elite Virtual Hosted Desktop is secure, with built-in protection against viruses, ransomware, and malware attacks. Our systems are penetration tested by independent 3rd party experts to ensure they can protect against external hackers. Partnering with Elite Group IOM means you benefit from access to our dedicated technical consultants and fully certified engineers, providing your Isle of Man business with the same levels of support you would expect from your own in-house IT team.

Our team act as virtual employees, managing system patching and software updates on your behalf. We further support your businesses productivity by managing these updates outside of normal business hours or at times that suit your business.

Greater Productivity

Maximise your staff productivity by enabling full access to your Isle of Man business systems from anywhere, on any device. Our research shows that local businesses who deploy the Elite Virtual Hosted Desktop significantly increase staff productivity between 10% and 25%.

This is because they have access to their full suite of applications and data wherever they are. The Elite Virtual Hosted Desktop also provides your business and staff with the flexibility to work the hours that suits them most.

Increase Profitability

Power your profitability through a combination of increased staff productivity and our unique system optimisation solution, which works by providing a full breakdown of your system usage, detailing your exact infrastructure requirements.

This enables us to optimise your cloud system usage, so you never pay for infrastructure you don’t use or need. We are also able to suspend services during times you don’t use them, delivering a true pay-as-you-go solution.

Business Benefits


With built-in business continuity, our virtual hosted desktop allows you to seamlessly transition from office to home working.

Less Expenditure

Reduce capital spend with our Elite Virtual Hosted Desktop, with no need to purchase, manage and maintain your own in-house servers.

Greater Security

Improve system security with the latest updates, equipping your business with state-of-the-art physical and cybersecurity.

Enhanced Agility

Create a more agile workforce that can work from anywhere, anytime by streaming their desktop to almost any device.

Future proof your Business

With the power of the Cloud, you can ensure your business is future proofed for business growth and evolution.

Easier Management

Enjoy industry-leading customer account management tools for full control and easy management of your desktop solution.

Technical Checklist

  • Fully managed security patching and software updates service
  • Software licences compliance - all of your Microsoft software licences included
  • The highest levels of system security with pro-active updates
  • A fully managed IT system accessible from anywhere and on any device
  • A dedicated team of Technical Consultants and fully certified engineers for help and advice
  • Increased profits through higher staff productivity and systems optimisation

Why Choose Elite Group

secure business for cloud solutions


IT Security is our number one priority, with our engineers and support team maintaining the highest levels of security 24/7.

collaboration with cloud solutions


Elite Group IOM’s premium partnerships allow us to provide individualised collaborative platforms to suit your business.

productive cloud solutions


Benefit from Increased business productivity and efficiency with a bespoke virtual desktop.

benefit from profitability with business cloud solutions


Elite Group IOM can equip your business with an optimal IT solution for increased profitability.