IT Support and Managed Services

At Elite Group IOM, we are committed to providing the highest quality IT support and services to local businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

IT Support and Services

We recognise that every customer is unique and so is Elite Group IOM’s approach. Whether you are looking for a managed services partner to support your solution and your IT team, or to outsource your IT entirely, we have the solution that’s right for you and your business.

At Elite Group IOM, we work closely with you to create a bespoke solution.  Our unique collaborative approach ensures we understand your business’s needs, systems and the support required. This way of working, combined with our industry-leading knowledge and technical expertise, has enabled us to support clients over the long term, overcome challenges and build an enviable reputation for providing reliable, cost effective IT solutions, as well as support for businesses ranging from SMEs to public sector organisations across Island.

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Managed IT Service and Support

At Elite Group IOM, we pair local knowledge with wider group resources. Thanks to this winning combination, we have a solid reputation for efficiently managing critical IT systems for businesses and for providing solutions for local commercial enterprises.

With our IT support and managed services, you can rest assured that your IT system maintenance is in safe, expert hands. We work in partnership with your organisation, collaborating with internal IT teams to deliver the support you need. We can also act as a fully outsourced IT department, taking away some of the day to day complexity from non-IT specialists, driving efficiency and productivity with reliable systems and responsive support.

We give you the confidence, freedom and above all peace of mind to manage and grow your business successfully.

Every Client is Unique

Unlike some IT providers, we understand that no two businesses are the same.  With this in mind, we know that every organisation has different requirements when it comes to their IT systems, the level of support and types of service they need. We take a flexible approach, working with you to identify the areas where you may need the most support or the additional services. This allows us to offer the best package that will bring the biggest benefits to your business.

Our experienced consultants will work with your Isle of Man organisation to understand the key strategic drivers for your business IT, recommending an appropriate support level service to fit. The support services we offer are flexible enough to adapt to the changing demands of your business.

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Business Critical IT

In this modern business environment, we understand that many businesses rely heavily on technology to carry out different aspects of their work. When systems go down or don’t work efficiently, the consequences can range from frustration to more serious problems such as significant loss of business.

As technology has developed, IT systems have become more complex than ever and consequently require greater expertise, attention and diligence in order to ensure they are maintained and running effectively and efficiently.

At the same time, the capacity and complexity of IT systems have increased and so has our dependence on technology for business functionality. We proactively monitor systems to ensure that we know when problems arise, often before you do. We take preventative action to ensure system downtime is kept to a minimum and that your critical data is kept safe.

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Quality Comes First

Elite Group is extremely proud to have achieved and maintained the globally recognised ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Quality Management System standards for our IT and technology expertise. Meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations is something that the team at Elite Group IOM thrives upon, and in gaining our ISO certifications, we pass on the benefits of this dedication to our customers.

Elite Group IOM is ISO9001 & ISO 27001 certified. We’re extremely proud of our team and the skills, capabilities and expertise they have. We believe that by investing in our team and providing an environment in which they can thrive, ultimately everyone benefits, most importantly our customers.

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Locals for Locals

At Elite Group IOM, we firmly believe in our ‘locals for locals’ approach. As the island’s only fully-licensed, Manx owned IT and communications provider, we pride ourselves on supplying local businesses with first-class IT, voice, and cloud solutions and empowering businesses just like yours to get the most from their technology.

With our comprehensive range of products and managed services, all supported by our team of experts, Elite Group IOM is your one-stop-shop for all your IT and communication needs. If you’re a local business looking to power your communication, collaboration, productivity and profitability, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

Business Benefits

Resolve IT Issues Quickly

When issues do arise, our team of experts will resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

Maintain Critical Systems

Monitoring of critical systems enabling businesses to be run effectively and efficiently.

Protect your Business

We can offer protection from the ever-growing number of cyberthreats using our skilled and highly qualified security consultants.

Peace of Mind

We ensure first class technical support is available 24/7 from accredited engineers, so your business can operate at optimum efficiency, ultimately making your business more profitable.

Technical Checklist

  • Patch management
  • Capacity management
  • Availability management
  • System resilience and recovery management
  • Optimising equipment
  • Service reporting
  • Lifecycle management
  • Software management

See what our customers say about Elite Group IM

Carrefour Health Club

“I would definitely recommend Elite Group IOM to everyone. Ever since we had the internet installed, it’s been very efficient. It makes our job easier and it makes life easier for the clients, so they can just get on with their exercise”

Jorge Wylde

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CuPlas Callow

“Having all our IT and communications under one umbrella, with one point of contact, has freed up time for me to focus on my business. The Elite Group IOM team is always spot on; you can trust them to do what you ask, when you ask.”

Gary Williams, Managing Director

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Why Choose Elite Group

secure business for cloud solutions


With the latest technology and services deployed in a way that is best for your business, you can be sure that our services are protecting your business 24/7.

collaboration with cloud solutions


Deployed in the way that is best for your business, we ensure all your authorised users can access the information they need from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

productive cloud solutions


With centralised management to manage multiple requirements, you can increase your team’s productivity and ensure they are focused on your critical business activities.

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With a range of solutions and fully managed services, we can reduce your internal overheads and support you on delivering your business requirements.