Hosted Applications

When you choose Elite Group IOM for your Hosted Application solution, you can equip your business with a wide range of state-of-the-art software solutions, whilst reducing IT spending and enjoying increased reliability and ease of access.

Power Your Business Performance

As the Island’s leading supplier of IT and communication solutions, Elite Group IOM are perfectly positioned to provide your Isle of Man business with the ideal Hosted Application solution to help realise your business objectives. With our hosted solution offering better performance, reduced costs, increased scalability, and improved growth potential, you can be sure your business gets the optimum performance it deserves.   

Elite Group IOM offers an extensive portfolio of hosted solutions for a variety of finance, ERP and CRM software. All of our Hosted Applications are easy to use, reliable and quick to set up, so you move your application into the Cloud without any disruption to your business.  Elite Group IOM will work in partnership with you to help you choose the best solution to host your applications, and to ensure that your business is properly equipped to achieve its goals. 

flexibility and control for ethernet leased lines

Added Flexibility

Thanks to the ready availability of high-speed broadband, many local businesses are opting to have their applications hosted in the Cloud rather than downloading and installing each programme on multiple computers. Our Hosted Application solution allows you to access high-quality applications onlineon any device with an internet connection, including laptops and smartphones, so your files and application are always available and ready to use.  

Our Hosted Application solution is ideal for those wishing to implement flexible or remote working, allowing your employees to work productively from anywhere, with access to all the necessary applications, tools and files needed to succeed.  

increase efficiencies with hosted applications

Increase Efficiency

With your applications securely hosted in the Cloud, you can be sure your business is equipped with the latest version of your hosted application without re-installing and updating software upgrades across individual devices. These updates save you valuable time and increase efficiencyso you can get down to work without worrying about upgrading your applications- we take care of all that for you.     

This cloud-based technology affords your employees greater flexibility, allowing you to offer remote working and mobile working options.  With the ability to access your important files and applications from anywhere with an Internet connection, you can offer your employees greater flexibility without sacrificing productivity. For on-the-go productivity, you can access your applications from portable devices such as mobiles and laptops, so you can be sure that you always have all the tools you need to power your business from anywhere in the world.  

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Backed by Expert Support

At Elite Group IOM, wcan deliver a comprehensive range of hosted applications, including hosted finance, ERP and CRM software, as well as Sage 200, Microsoft NAV and Greentree ERP, allowing you to opt for the ideal solution for your business needs, with the peace of mind that we only ever partner with the best and most reliable vendors.  

When you opt for a Hosted Application, you can be sure that your solution will be backed by expert support every step of the way. Our award-winning support staff are highly trained in application hosting and will deal with any questions or issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our support staff are readily available, and are only ever a chat message, email or phone call away, so you can be sure that your business always get the most out of your hosted applications. 

elite group iom locals for locals

Locals for Locals

At Elite Group IOM, we firmly believe in our ‘locals for locals’ approach. As the island’s only fully-licensed, Manx owned IT and communications provider, we pride ourselves on supplying local businesses with first-class IT, voice, and cloud solutions and empowering businesses just like yours to get the most from their technology.

With our comprehensive range of products and managed services, all supported by our team of experts, Elite Group IOM is your one-stop-shop for all your IT and communication needs. If you’re a local business looking to power your communication, collaboration, productivity and profitability, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

Business Benefits

Ease of Use

Seamlessly transition your existing applications to the Cloud, all you need is a reliable internet connection.

Ease of Access

Offer your employees flexible working options, allowing them to work from anywhere with an internet connection

Regular Updates

When you choose our Hosted Application service, all your application updates are included as standard, saving you time and hassle.

Increased Scalability

Up- or downscale your IT requirements as you require, equipping your business with the ability to instantly respond to market pressures.


Your hosted applications will be supported by our industry-leading team – we will ensure you always get the best solutions for your business.

Built-in Disaster Recovery

With your applications hosted in the Cloud, you can equip your business with built-in disaster recovery and business continuity, ensuring your business is protected against the unexpected.

Technical Checklist

  • Award winning 24/7 technical support
  • Industry leading SLAs and fault management
  • Premium partnerships with all major carriers
  • Tailored and scalable solutions for businesses of any size
  • Support from a dedicated Account Manager
  • Seamless, supported transition to cloud hosting

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Carrefour Health Club

“I would definitely recommend Elite Group IOM to everyone. Ever since we had the internet installed, it’s been very efficient. It makes our job easier and it makes life easier for the clients, so they can just get on with their exercise”

Jorge Wylde

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CuPlas Callow

“Having all our IT and communications under one umbrella, with one point of contact, has freed up time for me to focus on my business. The Elite Group IOM team is always spot on; you can trust them to do what you ask, when you ask.”

Gary Williams, Managing Director

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