7 Benefits of a Hosted PBX

November 6, 2020

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Is your business still reliant on outdated, fixed lined technology? Is your phone system tied to the increasingly redundant ISDN?



Is your business still reliant on outdated, fixed lined technology? Is your phone system tied to the increasingly redundant ISDN?

If so, your business could soon find itself held back by its on-site phone system and suffering from decreased productivity, increased costs and restricted growth. If this sounds familiar, then your business and your employees could benefit enormously from the power of the Cloud and a hosted PBX.  Haven’t heard of a hosted PBX? Not to worry, we’re here to breakdown exactly what it is and how your business stands to benefit.


What is a Hosted PBX?

A hosted PBX is a cloud-based phone system that delivers high-quality calls over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) rather than the ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), meaning you can make calls over the Internet rather than traditional phone lines.

There are multiple benefits to making the switch to VoIP and a hosted PBX. To keep it short and sweet however, we’ve picked the top 7 benefits.


Save money

By investing in a hosted PBX, your business stands to benefit from significant cost-savings and value-for-money technology. Implementing and maintaining a traditional phone system takes considerable investment, whether that’s purchasing the necessary equipment or hiring internal IT support to monitor the system; traditional PBXs are by no means cheap! With a hosted solution, you can host your PBX off-site for a monthly rental fee, taking advantage of enterprise-grade technology and expert support to maximise your telephony solution. Beyond this, VoIP technology can also significantly reduce call costs to international numbers, allowing your business to benefit from cheaper calls to customers, partners and colleagues across your business.


Save time

With an expert third party managing your hosted PBX off-site, you can save yourself time and hassle when it comes to telephony management, optimisation and upgrades. As ISDN technology become increasingly outdate, finding the right person with the right skills set is becoming increasingly expensive. Choosing a hosted PBX means that you can outsource complex IT maintenance and simplify on-site telephony management, freeing up time and resources across your business.


Benefit from advance features

With a hosted PBX as your business telephony solution, your organisation can enjoy all the common features of a traditional phone system, with the added benefits that cloud-based technology brings. A hosted PBX equips your company with a feature-rich telephony solution, allowing your business to benefit from VoIP calls, web-based management portal, hunt groups, auto-attendant and much more. For companies who rely on their phone system for their sales or customer service strategy, an advanced cloud-base phone system is vital for unified communication and an integrated CRM.


Improve scalability

Using a traditional PBX means that your phone system is hardwired into the ISDN and reliant on fixed line technology. This makes it inherently difficult to grow and expand your telephony solution, with extra hardware, cabling and planning needed to add additional seats or handsets. By moving your PBX to the Cloud, your business can benefit from improved scalability, easier set up and simplified expansion. To add a new user, you simply need to plug an additional handset into your Internet connection and add the line to your existing hosted PBX; there’s no need to fiddle about with ISDN connections.


Enhance flexibility

By freeing your PBX from the constraints of fixed line technology, you choose to build flexibility into the heart of your business. Unlike the traditional PBX, the hosted variety has

no geographical limitations by virtue of its cloud-based nature. As a hosted PBX exists outside of in-house infrastructure, you can access your hosted PBX from any location with an Internet connection. In a post-coronavirus world where employees are working increasingly between home and the office, the ability to take your office phone system anywhere is vital technology to sustain productivity and safeguard business operations.


Future-proof against ISDN switch off

With the ISDN becoming increasingly redundant, your business needs to look to the future of business telephony. While the ISDN has been used for decades to provide telephony to homes and businesses across the UK, the technology is being gradually faded out and is set to be switched off entirely by 2025. With the shutdown only 5 years away, ensure your business stays ahead of the curve by transitioning to a cloud-hosted PBX and VoIP technology, safeguarding your business against disruption and delays when the switch off occurs.


Equip your business with disaster recovery and business continuity

With your office phone system hosted in the Cloud, you can build disaster recovery and business continuity into your business. In the event of any disasters – including flooding, local infrastructure failure, fire and so on – you can be sure that your employees will be able to carry on working without interruption, with full access to your communications system.  Our hosted solution helps to future-proof your business against the unexpected, so you can ensure your business remains operational and productive no matter what.


Is your business ready to transition to a hosted PBX and start benefitting from cloud-based technology? If so, give us a call and have a chat with one of our experts. When you choose Elite Group IOM as your hosted PBX, you can benefit from a fully managed solution. Our team of experts are here to guide you every step of the way to ensure a smooth, hassle free transition to your business future.


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