Elite Group IOM’s Founder and Owner, Matt Newing, Talks Cloud-First Strategy

October 30, 2020

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A few weeks ago, Apple released its latest technological offering in the form of an iPhone 12. Looking at this palm-sized supercomputer, I suddenly found myself reminiscing about the days when mobile phones were the size of house bricks and the coolest function was the ability to ring up a talking clock (and later on, to play snake).


Benefits of Adopting a Cloud-First Strategy

It’s only been 47 years since Motorola released the first mobile phone and the progress we’ve made since then has been astonishing. Then again, it’s not just smart phones that have come on leaps and bounds since their first inception, technology as a whole seems to be evolving exponentially. This is what makes the tech industry a particularly dynamic and fast-paced sector; and what makes owning a tech business so exciting.

At Elite Group IOM, we’re constantly evolving our products and services to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best possible service and value for money to our customers. Whether that’s moving away from the ISDN, embracing VOIP technology or cloud hosting, we’re always one step ahead of the game when it comes to new technology. As part of our latest innovation, Elite Group IOM is embracing a ‘cloud first strategy’ across the business.


But What Exactly Does ‘Cloud-First’ Mean and What Does It Entail?

In a nutshell, a ‘cloud-first strategy’ means, that going forward, we’ll consider a cloud-based technology solution above all others, winding down our data centre and migrating our products and services to the Cloud in the process.

A cloud-first strategy prioritises investing in cloud-based technology, using shared, publicly hosted infrastructures instead of building and hosting private storage facilities and systems. This can involve replacing IT with cloud-based alternatives when upgrades are needed or migrating services to cloud technology.


What Is the Cloud?

The Cloud refers to external servers that can be accessed via the internet, as well as the data that’s stored there. The Cloud is comprised of servers and datacentres located at different points across the globe. When you opt to host your data in the Cloud, it means that you no longer have to manage physical servers or storage devices yourself, it’s all done off-site for you.


Why Adopt a Cloud-First Strategy?

It’s safe to say that the age of the private datacentre is quickly coming to an end. Cloud-based technology is the future of the IT and communication industry, and by exiting our datacentre services and migrating existing and future customers to the Cloud, we’re choosing to futureproof our products and services.  Rather than using our data centre to host our customers and our own data, a cloud-first strategy allows us to migrate this information to the Cloud.


Benefits of Adopting a Cloud-First Strategy

A cloud-first strategy allows us to pass on a plethora of benefits to our new and existing customers-there’s a lot to be gained from a fully managed cloud service.


1.Increased scalability and agility

A cloud-first strategy will provide customers with increased scalability and agility, allowing businesses of all sizes and budgets to benefit from the Cloud.


2.Greater flexibility

With remote working becoming a mainstay of working life, our cloud-first strategy will help businesses to implement the flexible solutions they need, with the ability to access information from anywhere.


3.Easier management

Our fully managed cloud service will allow businesses to take advantage of the latest cloud technology without the stress of managing it themselves.


4.Reduced business risk

Switching to cloud storage means that stored data is automatically backed up and accessible at any time for quick and efficient data recovery.


5.Improved productivity

With less time spent on managing hardware and devices, you can spend more time on growing your business.


Are you looking to futureproof your business IT and communications? Get in touch with Elite Group IOM today and discover the power of the Cloud for yourself.


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