In Case You Missed It: November Round Up

November 26, 2020

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As another month of 2020 draws to a close, many of us will no doubt be relieved to be entering the twelfth and final month of an otherwise challenging year.


As another month of 2020 draws to a close, many of us will no doubt be relieved to be entering the twelfth and final month of an otherwise challenging year.

At Elite Group IOM, we’ve certainly had a busy month.  We’ve welcomed Rick Tasker into the Elite Group team as our new Solutions Engineer, discussed the benefits of hosted phone systems and celebrated Elite Group’s women in tech. In case you’ve missed any of this month’s blogs, we’ve picked out the best bits for you below.


7 Benefits of a Hosted PBX

Is your business still reliant on outdated, fixed lined technology? Is your phone system tied to the increasingly redundant ISDN? If so, your business could soon find itself held back by its on-site phone system and suffering from decreased productivity, increased costs and restricted growth. If this sounds familiar, then your business and your employees could benefit enormously from the power of the Cloud and a hosted PBX.  Haven’t heard of a hosted PBX? Not to worry, we’re here to breakdown exactly what it is and how your business stands to benefit.


What is a Hosted PBX?

hosted PBX is a cloud-based phone system that delivers high-quality calls over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) rather than the ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), meaning you can make calls over the Internet rather than traditional phone lines. There are multiple benefits to making the switch to VoIP and a hosted PBX. To keep it short and sweet however, we’ve picked the top 7 benefits.

  • Save money

With VoIP technology, your business can benefit from significant cost-savings and value-for-money technology. By hosting your PBX off-site for a monthly rental fee, you can take advantage of enterprise-grade technology and expert support to maximise your telephony solution.

  • Save time

With an expert third party managing your hosted PBX off-site, you can save yourself time and hassle when it comes to telephony management, optimisation and upgrades.

  • Benefit from advance features

A hosted PBX equips your company with a feature-rich telephony solution, allowing your business to benefit from VoIP calls, web-based management portals, hunt groups, auto-attendant and much more.

  • Improve scalability

By moving your PBX to the Cloud, your business can benefit from improved scalability, easier set up and simplified expansion. Adding new users is easy, you simply need to add the line to your existing hosted PBX; there’s no need to fiddle about with ISDN connections.

  • Enhance flexibility

Unlike the traditional PBX, the hosted variety has no geographical limitations. As a hosted PBX exists outside of in-house infrastructure, you can access your hosted PBX from any location with an Internet connection.

  • Future-proof against ISDN switch off

While the ISDN has been used for decades to provide telephony to homes and businesses across the UK, the technology is being gradually faded out and is set to be switched off entirely by 2025. With the ISDN becoming increasingly redundant, your business needs to look to the future of business telephony.

  • Equip your business with disaster recovery and business continuity

With your office phone system hosted in the Cloud, you can build disaster recovery and business continuity into your business. In the event of any disasters – including flooding, local infrastructure failure, fire and so on – you can be sure that your employees will be able to carry on working without interruption.


Is your business ready to transition to a hosted PBX and start benefitting from cloud-based technology? Read our in depth analysis here.


Moving to a New Business Phone System

Since the advent of telephony, businesses have used telephones to communicate internally and with the rest of the world. In fact, it was businesses, rather than individuals, which first adopted this revolutionary technology. Yet, long gone are the days of crackling transmissions transported over copper wires. In fact, since the digital revolution, telephone technology has evolved at an incredibly rapid rate. In this article, we’re going to look at one of the most exciting recent advances in telephony – software-based phone systems – as well as a look at how they benefit today’s businesses.

What Is A Software-Based Phone System?

traditional business phone system – also known as a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) – uses analogue technology to connect business phones to one another and to the rest of the telephone network.

A traditional PBX requires dedicated and expensive hardware to be stored and maintained on site. A software-based phone system completely eliminates this requirement – saving businesses money in initial and maintenance costs, as well as giving them more room.

A software-based phone system essentially gives all connected computers direct, remote access to a complete unified communications solution. Using a headset – or a traditional handset if preferred – users can take and place calls, listen to voice mails, transfer calls, set up group calls and do pretty much anything else their traditional PBX system allowed them to do. However, the best software-based phone systems go even further, bringing additionalbenefits such as;

  • Reduced Costs
  • One Hundred Percent Answer Rate
  • Unified Communications
  • Expert Management and Maintenance
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

For more information about moving to a software-based phone system, read our full article here.



Celebrating Elite Group IOM’s Women in Tech


Did you know that only 17% of UK IT specialists are women?

When it comes to gender diversity, the tech industry is infamously lacking in representation and inclusion. Indeed, despite a drive to encourage women into STEM careers, the number of women in tech has barely increased in the past decade. Yet the tech industry offers secure employment, excellent wages and a clear career progression, so what gives? Why are there so few women in tech and how do we solve this concerning lack of diversity? These are just some of the questions the 2020 Women in Tech Festival Global aims to discuss.

Elite Group IOM are proud to support diversity and inclusion across all levels of the company; it’s not just engrained in our company values, but in our very DNA. At Elite Group IOM, we seek the best employees to develop and nurture, regardless of their background, gender, race or sexuality. A diverse workforce is a dynamic workforce- one that helps breed better understanding, greater creativity and powerful productivity.

To celebrate the 2020 Women in Tech Festival, we spoke to some of Elite Group IOM’s very own ‘women in tech’ to get their perspective on the matter:


“I think there’s a slight misconception that it’s a ‘nerdy’, all-male industry, but at Elite Group IOM, that’s not the case at all. I would say there are a variety of women that work in tech. I never thought of myself as a ‘woman in tech’ before- but it turns out I am.”


“Out of the nine of us in digital, only two of the team are guys. It’s predominately female-led and it’s quite a diverse team in terms of skills sets; the women aren’t pigeon-holed into one particular niche. We have women working in graphic design, analytics, web design and content management-there’s certainly a lot more diverse roles now available in tech than there used to be.” 


“There’s definitely a stereotype around tech but now that I’ve entered the industry, I’ve broken my own stereotypes about what tech is and what it involves.  If I were to speak to anyone who’s hesitant about going into tech, I would definitely tell them that it’s more than what you think it is- don’t stereotype it as something you can’t do because it’s just for ‘nerdy boys’. The only barriers that exist are the ones we create ourselves. It’s nowhere near as scary or daunting as you think it’ll be.”


“Women in tech can bring different characteristics and perspectives to their day-to-day roles or admin positions, thinking creatively to find solutions to problems or challenges. I think the tech industry is slowly becoming less male dominated, especially at Elite Group IOM. We have women in a number of different tech roles, whether that’s in first line support or other areas of the company like marketing and sales”


“It’s really diverse and a very interesting field to be in. More women do need to step up and realise they can take on tech roles and that there are more IT professionals out there that are women.  Having more women in tech diversifies the marketplace a bit more, and maybe opens up communication on a slightly different level.”


Bring on December…

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