Meet Our Expert Engineers: Matt and Cameron Talk Tech, Elite Group and Career Growth

May 18, 2021

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At Elite Group IOM, our team is at the heart of everything we do.



From marketing to Sales, and Finance to First-line support, each team and every employee plays a vital part in making Elite Group IOM the company it is today. As a tech company, our engineering team are especially important to Elite Group IOM, playing an essential role in creating and deploying our IT and voice services.

This week, we sat down with Matt K, our lead Voice engineer, and Cameron, our lead Network engineer, to discuss their journey in both their tech careers and progression here at Elite Group IOM.


Q: What made you want to get into the tech/IT industry?

M: I have always had an interest in tech but for years it was never more than a hobby, building gaming PCs, configuring smart home tech and generally annoying my wife with new techie purchases.

C: As a kid, I always enjoyed taking things apart to see how they worked, as well as rebuilding and fixing things. When I left school, I got a job selling laptops in a gadget shop and from there naturally moved into telecoms/ IT after learning more about technology and how it all worked.


Q: What role were you in before coming to Elite Group IOM?

M: I was working in the retail industry at a management level when the opportunity to apply for a job at Elite Group IOM came up. I had a family member already working here at the time and they brought the position to my attention. It was right up my street so I decided to apply.

C: I was working in IT support at the time, mostly fixing and maintaining user equipment. I took an interest in networking and then moved to Elite Group IOM with the intention of becoming a network engineer. I knew I’d have the opportunity to develop and progress here.


Q: How have your skills developed since working here?

M: I was hired back in 2017 as the service delivery manager, largely due to my background in people and workload management. The job description was geared towards managing the team and the workload and was never really meant to involve developing my knowledge of the telecommunications industry. This soon changed with opportunities for me to learn new skills essential to supporting our customer base and my knowledge and skill set grew from there, allowing me to branch out into Elite Group’s voice provision.

C: The opportunities and training I’ve had here at Elite Group IOM have definitely been invaluable to my career progression and overall knowledge of IT, telecoms, and networking. I’ve gone from having a basic understanding of home routers and networking to completing my networking exams and managing our core network


Q: What does your role include now?

M: Nearly 4 years down the line and I have taken on the role of supporting, maintaining and delivering hosted voice solutions to our customer base. I have been responsible for all major service upgrades and the testing and implementation of new features/services. In addition to this, I head up all the pre-sales for voice services, attending sites with account managers and business development managers to showcase our great products

C: After nearly 3 years of working at Elite Group, my role has now expanded to managing our core network and infrastructure, as well as deploying voice and data solutions to our valued customers. I’m excited to see how I continue to progress here at Elite Group IOM, as well as growing with the company in the coming years.


Elite Group IOM is one of the island’s leading IT and unified communication providers, supplying reliable and professional IT and telecoms services to organisations seeking Connectivity, UC & Voice, Cloud Service, IT Software and Security solutions.

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