Should Your Business Consider Migrating to the Cloud? Here’s 10 Ways Cloud Computing Can Transform Your Business.

December 15, 2020

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Whether or not you work in the tech industry, you’ve no doubt heard of ‘cloud computing’. Whilst technology buzzwords come and go, cloud computing is here to stay and is growing strength to strength each year.



Often heralded as the future of IT, in its most basic form, cloud computing allows you to store data and applications in the Cloud rather than on your computer or hardware. Beyond this simple definition however, cloud computing has the capacity to revolutionise IT services for small-medium businesses, as well as enterprise-size companies. With the ability to equip businesses with off-site servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence, all hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, companies of all sizes and budgets stand to benefit from a scalable, flexible and cost-effective hosting solution, without the associated complex and costly hardware management.

Indeed, choosing to host your IT services in Microsoft’s worldwide network of secure datacentres can bring a plethora of benefits to your business, and when paired with the expert knowhow of Elite Group IOM, is a winning combination for your company.


10 Ways your Business can Benefit from Azure with Elite Group IOM

Make sure your business is ready for anything with Microsoft Azure from Elite Group IOM. A fully managed cloud computing solution, Microsoft Azure represents the gold standard of cloud hosting, providing your local business with access to enterprise-level IT services, no matter your size or budget-all you need is an internet connection. So how could your business benefit from Azure?


1.Reduce your IT Costs and Save Money

Perhaps the biggest business benefit of Azure is the cost savings your business stands to make by switching to cloud computing. And who doesn’t love saving money? By opting for cloud-hosting, you can drastically scale down or even entirely eliminate on-site hardware, infrastructure, and internal IT management- and the associated costs. For a monthly rental fee, you can successfully outsource your IT resources and management, benefitting from enterprise-grade IT services for a fraction of the cost.


2.Save your Business Valuable Time

When you choose Elite Group IOM as your Microsoft Azure provider, our technical experts will manage your cloud computing and IT services for you, eliminating the need for internal IT management and saving your business valuable time and resources. Our fully managed cloud computing service is particularly advantageous for small-medium businesses that do not have a dedicated IT department but are looking to expand and outsource their existing IT solutions.


3.Improve your IT Security

At Elite Group, we understand that IT security is everything. By utilising Microsoft Azure’s datacentre network, your business can benefit from multi-layered security without any additional cost or hassle to your business. Azure comes with a range of security tools and capabilities designed to create a secure but easy to manage solution. All security options are fully customisable and controllable, so you can tailor them to the security requirements of your business.


4.Protect your Business from Data Loss

Through cloud computing, you not only equip your business with flexible access and scalability, but also built-in business continuity and disaster recovery. Whilst your on-site hardware is vulnerable to malfunction, physical damage and data loss, off-site hosting is always accessible and secure. With Microsoft Azure’s powerful networking capabilities, you can be confident that your data, applications, and IT services are protected with backups and replication, ensuring your business information is secure across multiple sites.


5.Help your Business Go Green

For businesses looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly, cloud computing is definitely for you.  By outsourcing your IT resources to Microsoft Azure’s datacentre network, your company can drastically reduce its energy consumption and carbon footprint. With cloud computing, you only use the resources you need, ensuring no energy is wasted on unnecessary services. Beyond this, Microsoft uses virtualisation and consolidation for optimised energy usage, making cloud computing a more energy efficient alternative to traditional hardware services.


6.Offer your Employees Greater Flexibility

With your data stored off-site, you can access your information from anywhere with an internet connection. In the post-coronavirus world, flexibility has never been more important. With homeworking set to be a firm part of modern working life, the ability to work remotely is vital for business productivity. By hosting your IT services in the Cloud, you can ensure your employees have access to everything they need to work remotely and can transition smoothly between working in the office and working from home.


7.Expand your Solution as your Business Grows

By hosting your data and applications in the Cloud, you equip your business with an inherently scalable IT service. With Azure, you can easily scale your resources up and down depending on your requirements and demands. When your business is reliant on hardware for storage, increasing storage space means buying and configuring additional devices, costing your business both time and money. A cloud-based solution allows you to easily expand resources and get to work straight away with minimal disruption to your business.


8.Equip your Business with Expert Support

Elite Group IOM is a Tier 1 Microsoft provider and Gold Microsoft partner. Our partnership with Microsoft gives us premium access to the Microsoft knowledge base and specialised training in Microsoft implementation for businesses just like yours. With our technical engineers supporting your cloud computing solution, you can rest assured that your hosted IT services are in expert hands.


9.Enjoy a Reliable and High-Performing Service-without the Hassle or Cost.

With a worldwide network of secure datacentres, Microsoft Azure provides high-quality, reliable cloud computing to businesses and individuals across the globe. With datacentres regularly upgraded with the latest generation of fast and efficient computing hardware, your business can take advantage of reliable cloud hosting and reduced network latency, without investing in costly technology yourself.


10.Benefit from Easy Migration

Migrating your services to the Cloud can be daunting and overwhelming. When you choose your Microsoft Azure service from Elite Group IOM, we can take care of your migration strategy for you, ensuring a smooth transition from your existing solution to cloud computing- so your business can carry on operating with as little disruption as possible.


Why Elite Group IOM

With cloud computing set to expand rapidly in the next few years, ensure your business is ready for the future and never held back by outdated, fixed technology. With our ‘cloud-first’ strategy, Elite Group IOM is ensuring all our customers are equipped with future-proofed business IT and unified communications. To ensure your business remains competitive in an increasingly digitalised landscape, choose a provider who looks to the future, not the past, for their IT solutions and services.

A trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, Elite Group IOM is perfectly positioned to equip your business with the ideal cloud computing service. We understand that managing internal IT can be time-consuming and costly and that migrating to the Cloud independently is intimidating. If you’re looking for the perfect migration partner, look no further than Elite Group IOM. As a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud provider, you can count on us for optimised cloud computing and a smooth, hassle-free migration to Azure.

When you choose Elite Group IOM as your Azure Partner, you can be sure our team of experienced engineers will guide you every step of the way. Our expert support doesn’t stop after migration, however. As your dedicated partner, we will ensure your cloud solution is proactively managed for optimal performance, enhanced security and low operational costs.



Is your business looking for a fully managed, cloud computing solution? Get in touch with Elite Group IOM today and see how we can help drive your business forward.  


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