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Celebrating Elite Group IOM’s Women in Tech


When it comes to gender diversity, the tech industry is infamously lacking in representation and inclusion. Indeed, despite a drive to encourage women into STEM careers, the number of women in tech has barely increased in the past decade. Yet the tech industry offers secure employment, excellent wages and a clear career progression, so what gives? Why are there so few women in tech and how do we solve this concerning lack of diversity? These are just some of the questions the 2020 Women in Tech Festival Global aims to discuss.

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Elite Group IOM is Proud to Support World Enduro Champion, David Knight MBE

November 27, 2020

We’re thrilled to be supporting David Knight, a 5-time world Enduro motorcycle champion and 4-time AMA champion USA, as he embarks on the race of his life- Dakar 2021. Covering 4,751 miles over ...

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Moving to a New Business Phone System

November 13, 2020

Since the advent of telephony, businesses have used telephones to communicate internally and with the rest of the world. In fact, it was businesses, rather than individuals, which first adopted this r...

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7 Benefits of a Hosted PBX

November 6, 2020

Is your business still reliant on outdated, fixed lined technology? Is your phone system tied to the increasingly redundant ISDN?       If so, your business could soon find itself held ...

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Elite Group IOM’s Founder and Owner, Matt Newing, Talks Cloud-First Strategy

October 30, 2020

A few weeks ago, Apple released its latest technological offering in the form of an iPhone 12. Looking at this palm-sized supercomputer, I suddenly found myself reminiscing about the days when mobile ...

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October Round Up 2020

October 29, 2020

Another month down as we speed ever closer to 2021 and boy has it been a busy one!     At Elite Group IOM, we’ve been focusing on our new cloud-first strategy and helping local businesses ...

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Should Your Business Consider Migrating to the Cloud? Here’s 10 Ways Cloud Computing Can Transform Your Business.

October 16, 2020

Whether or not you work in the tech industry, you’ve no doubt heard of ‘cloud computing’. Whilst technology buzzwords come and go, cloud computing is here to stay and is growing strength to stre...

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5 Microsoft 365 Hacks to up Your Office Game

October 9, 2020

From Word, Excel and PowerPoint to Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams, thanks to the ubiquitous nature of Microsoft office, you will probably have used one of these apps, if not all of them, at some point i...

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Rob Sims, Group CEO, Explains what Elite Group IOM Can Bring to Your Business

September 25, 2020

Rob Sims, Elite Group CEO explains the move from Wi-Manx Business to Elite Group IOM. Being part of Elite Group, a leading UK business-to-business technology supplier, Elite Group IOM pairs the resour...

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Emily Shimell joins the Elite Group IOM Team

September 23, 2020

Elite Group IOM is delighted to announce that Emily Shimell has joined our sales team and will be taking on the role of IT Business Development Manager. With a strong background in sales, team leading...

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